Tonemaster Hand Wound Guitar Pickups and Restoration


Repair, Rewind, Restore
Humbuckers, single coils, P-90's, Jazz or P-bass, and more...E mail for a quote.

-Rewind Humbucker, P-bass, Single Coils - $50 per coil (includes re-potting)
-Rewind Jazz Bass, or Oversized Bobbins - $55 per coil (includes re-potting)
-Vintage Paper Bobbin Rewind- $70 (all sizes, the delicate condition of these bobbins requires great care and time when removing old wire and prepping for rewind)
-Single-Coil Reverse Rewind + Re-Polarize Magnets - $65 (includes re-potting) If you get
60 cycle hum in your Stratocaster® 2 and 4 positions the middle pickup can be reverse wound/re-polarized. Or your Telecaster® neck and bridge "middle position" is noisy, either pickup can be reversed to eliminate the problem.
-Potting - $10 per pickup
-Replace Pickup Leads on Strat or Tele Rewinds - $10 per pickup
-Replace Pickup Leads on Strat or Tele Pickups - $15 per pickup
-Add or Convert Humbucker Lead to Vintage Braided or 4 Conductor- $30 per pickup (includes re-potting if required)
-Add Tap Wire to a Vintage Style Humbucker- $35 (includes re-potting if required)
-Re-Polarize / Re-Magnetize Magnet(s) (Change Magnet Polarity in Neck Pickup,
Humbucker only)-
-Complete Humbucker Re-Work (disassemble, clean, rewind both coils to your spec, wax pot)- $100 (subject to additional charges with extensive modifications or when replacing missing parts)
-Rush Service - any repair that requires a fast turnaround time(arrives here and is repaired and shipped back within 72 hrs.)- additional $50 (does not include express return shipping. TBD by location and shipping service)
-Troubleshoot and Repair - $40 hr ($25 minimum)

We are unable to work on pickups that are sealed in epoxy (i.e. EMG's.)
We can use old style formula plain enamel wire for original style rewinds required for vintage Stratocaster pickups, PAF humbuckers, or any pickup with black/dark brown wire.We have it in stock for your rewind and carries an up-charge of $10 per coil.
Return shipping and handling charge- $10 for USPS Priority w/insurance
(U.S.A only. Contact us for international rates)

Tone Master Original Creations Start at $80 for Single coil Pickups $110 for P90 style
Ghostbuckers™ with choice of Alnico II, V, or Ceramic magnets start at $150 per pickup and can be over or under wound by request.
1 Ghost Bobbin/1 Black or Vintage White Bobbin AKA Ghost Zebra™ start at $150 per pickup.
Tone Master Traditional (covers are extra e-mail for price, specify gold or nickel) Double Black, Double White or Zebra available by request.

We also offer Vintage style Butyrate bobbins for PAF restorations (check for availability).